Who we are


BIOMED™ is democratizing Healthcare, closing the “health gap,” and making Healthcare accessible to everyone regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, sexual identity, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and geographic location. We’re offering personalized and precision medicine with precise dosage, duration, release profiles, and combination of multiple drugs for any unique profile utilizing various technologies, including 3D bioprinting, Big Data, DNA, and A.I. and machine learning to enable predictive modeling that will improve patients’ health outcomes, enabling a significant leap forward in precision medicine.

We seek to make a meaningful difference in the life of our patients worldwide by providing the next-generation healthcare platform. We believe that companies shouldn’t exist to make money for shareholders but to fulfill a much grander purpose in society. This belief is the pillar of our company’s foundation.

A foundation that we should be a source of good and that our bottom line practices should not only lead to economic profitability but affect environmental challenges, social change, and good corporate governance (ESG) in a positive and real meaningful way. We do this by innovating and commercializing cutting-edge technology in medicine, inspiring trust, and empowering patients to imagine beyond the status quo, limiting boundaries, and shaping a much better world.

Our mission


We started BIOMED with a simple mission: to utilize powerful, proprietary technology, and, science to deliver highly personalized medicine that optimizes patients’ health and well-being. And a very grand vision: to honor the human spirit, its resiliency, unlimited boundaries, and perseverance to thrive in the face of great uncertainty and great odds. This very spirit moves humanity forward to create a much better and brighter future. We do this with a commitment to our core values:

Core Values

-Pathfinder—Being a pioneer; Doing the impossible!
-Excellence in reputation; Being part of something special
-Encourage creativity, imagination, and innovation
-Commitment to excellence in everything we do
-Kaizen Constant And Never-ending Improvement (CANI)

Our Research Technologies

Here is a short list of our most promising technologies. Innovation and commercialization of our technologies is the most important aspect of our commitment to our patients.

3D Tissue Bioprinting

About 90 percent of potential new drugs fail in clinical trials because they are...

Cannabidiol Research

Cannabis and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act 2022, The bipartisan legislation rolled back federal restrictions...

Precision and Personalized Medicine

In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Obama announced that he launched...

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

The complexity and rise of data in healthcare means that artificial intelligence (AI) &...

BIOMED a next generation Healthcare platform