We’ve commercialized some of our technologies, building the first next-generation healthcare platform, medibles.ai / medibles.io, in the Hemp-Derived CBD industry. The platform utilizes 3D bioprinting, A.I./Machine Learning, and Big Data technology to deliver highly customized, precision, and personalized CBD products. Our scientists, software engineers, doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare experts developed an online health assessment algorithm using its combined years of professional expertise along with analyzed peer-reviewed scientific studies, current and ongoing research, more than five thousand potential medication interactions, and customer input to recommend a monthly personalized CBD dosage regimen delivered to our customers’ front door.

The medibles platform is the future of healthcare. Healthcare data aggregation into a single picture of a person is already happening. Over time, this data will become richer, real-time, and more consistent, allowing health systems and how medical professionals deliver care to be more precise and better tailored to an individual’s likely response to treatment.

The platform takes the guesswork out of taking Cannabinoids and various medicine dosages for consumers, accelerating the adoption of personalized precision medicine and delivering the most advanced prediction and treatment of disease, tailored to an individual’s unique circumstances, history, and condition. 

BIOMED a next generation Healthcare platform