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BIOMED™ is a biotechnology company that is democratizing Healthcare, closing the “health gap,” and making Healthcare accessible to everyone regardless of gender, race or ethnicity, sexual identity, age, disability, socioeconomic status, and geographic location. We’re offering personalized and precision medicine with precise dosage, duration, release profiles, and combination of multiple drugs for any unique profile utilizing various technologies, including 3D bioprinting, Big Data, DNA, and A.I. and machine learning to enable predictive modeling that will improve patients’ health outcomes, enabling a significant leap forward in precision medicine.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

The complexity and rise of data in healthcare means that artificial intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning will increasingly be applied to our health. One of BIOMED's key application categories involves diagnosis and treatment recommendations, patient engagement and adherence, and future applications in administrative activities.

Drug Delivery & Discovery

Our research spans activities in contemporary chemical biology and drug discovery and blends the principles and experimental techniques of chemistry and biology with computational science.

3D Bioprinting (Additive Manufacturing)

This federal initiative aims to use today’s 3D printing technologies to improve supply chain resilience for American manufacturers. By accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) across small and medium-sized companies, each of these AM-powered manufacturers will, in turn, contribute to building resilient supply chains for the U.S.-based domestic manufacturing ecosystem while also using 3D printing to improve their industrial competitiveness.

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    Meet Our Specialists

    Let us introduce our entire team of experts who make the success of our business.

    Bobby D. Ntoya, MBA
    CEO / PI/EL (Principal Investigator/Entrepreneur Lead)
    Gregory Taylor II, MD, MBA
    Chief Medical Officer / PI/TL (Principal Investigator/Technical Lead)
    Erika De Jesus, PhD, MBA
    Chief of Staff / IM (Industrial Mentor) / Technical Lead
    Noah Malmstadt, PhD
    Chief Scientific Officer / Technical Lead / IM (Industrial Mentor)

    Our Research

    Here is a short list of our most promising technologies. Innovation and commercialization of our technologies is the most important aspect of our commitment to our patients.

    3D Tissue Bioprinting

    About 90 percent of potential new drugs fail in clinical trials because they are...

    Cannabidiol Research

    Cannabis and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act 2022, The bipartisan legislation rolled back federal restrictions...

    Precision and Personalized Medicine

    In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Obama announced that he launched...

    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

    The complexity and rise of data in healthcare means that artificial intelligence (AI) &...

    Latest News

    Read here all our recent press releases, news, blogs, tips, reports, and everything related to Biomed and the biotechnology field

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