DNA and RNA Polymer Research

With DNA and RNA polymer research, transcription and translation are how cells read the genetic instructions in their genes. Many copies of RNA can be made from one gene, and each RNA molecule can make many protein molecules. So when a cell needs to, it can make a lot of protein quickly. But each gene can be read and translated differently, so a cell can make lots of some proteins and only a few of others.  a cell can change how often each of its genes are used. This happens according to what the cell needs at the moment. For example, a cell can control how much RNA it makes. Our research at BIOMED is working on making a solid-state nanopore using nanofabrication techniques. We used high-speed electronic equipment with great signal acquisition capabilities to analyze the electronic properties of individual subunits of DNA or RNA. This research is enabling personalized molecular medicine and decoding of ecosystem-wide genetic variation